Residential Window Tinting

Comfort and security are two of the most important things that a home needs to provide for its residents. Fortunately, this can be easily addressed with a few home improvements. Sadly, one of the upgrades that homeowners tend to deprioritize is their windows.

By neglecting your windows, your property is opened up to a host of problems like concentrated heat buildup, excessive energy costs, and fading upholstery. The good news is that there’s a simple solution that can quickly resolve this issues – window film.

With the proper application of window tinting to your home, these problems can be easily addressed, along with providing other benefits like increased indoor comfort. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what window film can do for your home:

  • Prevent Your Upholstery and Carpets from Fading – UV rays from direct sunlight are the primary source fading in furniture upholstery and carpet fabrics. A good quality window film can block almost all sources of UV rays and slow the process as a result.
  • Maximize Energy Savings – By blocking radiant heat from entering your home, indoor temperature can be more easily controlled. This will avoid any excessive use of your air conditioning system just to keep your home cool.
  • Avoid Excessive Glare – Bright outside light can cause a good amount of glare to reflect off television screens and computer monitors. Window tinting can lower the glare and makes it easier to view images on these surfaces.
  • Protect Against Severe Weather and Accidents – Strong winds or excessive force can break your windows unexpectedly, causing deadly shards of glass to scatter inside the property. Window film helps reinforce your window panes and minimize the amount of broken glass from injuring anyone inside.

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How Window Tint Films Work

This thin layer of film is carefully applied on the interior glass of windows and can be used in various applications such as cars, homes, and offices. It is mainly used to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that enters through the glass. It’s a simple yet effective means to reduce the amount of heat that would get trapped inside the local space by reflecting the light off the tinted glass.

There are various materials that can be used for window tinting film. The most commonly used ones are either polyester or embedded substances like ceramics, metals, dyes, or other ultraviolet inhibitor materials. Metallic and ceramic materials in particular are commonly used for the purpose of heat control and minimizing UV radiation. Regardless of the type of material used, many modern window films now feature improved resistance to fading and discoloration compared to earlier versions of the film.

When the dyes or the metals in the film react to solar radiation, it then converts this radiation into less harmful infrared radiation. This also has the effect of reducing any heat that enters, in addition to lowering glare from the sun.

Types of Residential Window Tinting

There are various situations where a home will need tinted film on its windows. Whether you need to protect it from severe weather conditions, lower energy costs, or you just want to make it look good, there are different types of window films that can fulfill various roles.

Window Security

Because of its fragile nature, glass can become a high risk fixture for residents, especially if it breaks. However, it’s still possible to minimize the risk that flying or shattered glass poses by reinforcing it with window film. This type of film acts as an adhesive to create a protective layer that is resistant to high impact force.

Other benefits that window security film offers include:

  • Intruder Deterrent – Reinforcing your windows with window security film is a great way to prevent any intruders getting inside your house. While strong locks and solid doors have always been the more traditional ways to secure a home, many tend to ignore the fact that unsecured windows can be easily breached by intruders. The proper application of security film can deter thieves from breaking your windows and gain access inside to your home. Its impact resistance allows the glass to retain its integrity and keep unwanted intruders out.
  • Explosion Mitigation – One of the main causes of death and injury due to explosions are actually caused by flying shards of broken glass. These fragments can shoot out at high velocities and cause serious wounds to anyone in the vicinity. While it can’t completely mitigate the effects of an explosion, reinforced window film can minimize the amount of shattered glass that can scatter across the area.
  • Accident Protection – Regular annealed glass can easily break under various circumstances. The proper application of a window security film can protect any residents from broken glass due to accidents. This is especially important if there are kids inside since they aren’t aware of the dangers that shattered glass pose. By reducing the amount of broken glass, it’s easier to clean up the area and minimize any injuries.

Solar Control

Overexposure to UV rays can do a lot of harm to a person’s skin, especially if you don’t do anything to protect yourself from it. This is where solar control window films come in – it can filter up to ninety nine percent of damaging UV radiation. In addition, a reliable solar control film can block up to eighty percent of heat energy transmission and is a cost effective way to lower your household costs.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Lack of proper solar protection can cause an imbalance of your house’s indoor temperature. This causes your air conditioning or HVAC system to work twice as hard just to keep your home at an optimal comfort level. Fortunately, window film can work to your advantage throughout the entire year – keeping the sun’s heat out during the summer and retaining indoor heat during the winter.
  • Protect Fabrics and Leathers from Fading – Certain fabrics and leathers tend to fade over time, especially when it’s continuously exposed to sunlight. This can lead to cracked leather or faded upholstery, giving your furniture, carpets, and other valuables a worn look. UV radiation does a lot of damage and should be controlled through the use of window film.
  • Glare Protection – One of the most common problems that people experience with non-tinted windows is the excessive glare that you can get when the sun is out. This can also cause unwanted eye fatigue and lower your productivity as a result. Reflective surfaces from the outside like car windows or your outdoor pool can also do the same thing, so it’s best to apply protective window tint to avoid this situation.
  • Improved Privacy – In addition to reducing the amount of glare from the sun, a reflective window film can also give you added privacy without the need to invest in blinds or drapes. You can easily enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without feeling like your privacy is being intruded by passersby.

Storm Security

Mother Nature can be quite cruel and can strike without very little warning. Storms can cause immeasurable damage if your home isn’t prepared for it. Strong winds can easily damage unprotected windows and can strike with high impact force, causing your windows to shatter and rain deadly glass indoors. Similarly, flying debris can crash into your windows and destroy it with similar effects. One way to give your house some much needed protection is with the use storm security window film.

While it isn’t considered a complete replacement for storm shutters, it does reinforce your home by giving it some much needed protection. Security film works by holding broken glass in place and prevent it from scattering inwards. Because of this, it also provides increased protection from rain water and debris, preventing them from entering your home.


Window films can do more than just give your home additional protection and security. Decorative window films can add a new dimension to your living spaces, as well as give a room some interesting accents. These types of films can come in various designs and gradients, allowing them to transform a room into anything that you want – from a classy home office with soft lighting to a brightly lit kitchen with various light sources.

Decorative films can be applied to different types of windows for various purposes, some of which include:

  • Frosted Glass – This translucent film allows for muted light to enter a room while giving you the much needed privacy that you need from prying eyes. This type of glass is commonly used for bathrooms and other areas that are normally exposed to neighbors.
  • Small Business Window Tinting – If you conduct business at home, you’ll need window tinting that that gives a clear view regardless of the time of day. It’s important for customers to be able to get a good view your products while protecting it from any UV rays that can damage it from exposure.
  • Tinted Skylight – Skylights are a great way of letting natural light into your home. However, it can also trap a lot of heat if it doesn’t have proper window tinting. With the proper window tint, you can easily keep out unwanted heat during the warm months or conserve heat during winter.
  • Spectrally Selective Tint – If you’re looking to retain your windows’ original look while allowing it to reject the sun’s heat and UV rays, then spectrally selective window tinting is the way to go. This clear, non-reflective film makes your windows appear un-tinted but still sporting the same protective properties that darker, reflective window films offer.

Regardless of the type of window film that you get for your home, its application can do wonders in enhancing the comfort levels of your home. Just make sure to choose the right one to fit your needs and everyone living underneath your roof will be much happier for the experience.

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