3M Window Tinting

If you’re looking for a reliable brand that can cover your window tinting needs, then 3M is a name that everyone is familiar with. Whether you plan on installing it for your office, your car, or your home, 3M has been your constant partner in whatever task you undertake to improve your quality of life.

Cars and other vehicles can take advantage of the many benefits that 3M window film has to offer. It provides superior shielding from UV rays while giving you unobstructed views of the outdoors as you drive. It is also specially designed to reflect radiant heat and offer maximum comfort for those inside.

The Prestige Series of window films does all of this and more. This product line comes in two specialized variants: 3M Sun Control Window Films and 3M Safety & Security Window Film.

3M Sun Control Window Film (Tint)

This line of window film is perfect for keeping out the sun while you drive your vehicle. This, in turn, maximizes energy savings by reducing subsequent cooling costs by up to 30% and maintains a consistent interior temperature. It is also able to block harmful UV rays and improve fading reduction on your car seats and leather interior. Finally, this strong window tint can reduce reflective glare and minimize the risk of road accidents from occurring due to hampered visibility.

3M Safety & Security Window Film (Tint)

For vehicle windows that require an added layer of protection against possible break-ins and severe weather, this is the ideal window film line to use. Its rigid structure gives glass added support, making it harder for intruders to gain entry through the window. Similarly, it can minimize the amount of flying glass due to stormy weather or violent accidents. This type of window film is available in either a clear or tinted sun control version.

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Common Mistakes in Installing Window Tint Film

Not all window tint films are the same. While the quality of the film can vary greatly from one brand to another, the way it is installed is just as important. There are those that think they can save a few dollars by putting on the tint themselves, but that only sets themselves up for bigger costs due mistake made during the installation process.

That’s why it’s important to leave the installation of window tint film to the professionals. Some of the common mistakes amateurs or inexperienced service providers commonly make include:

  • Use a low quality window tint that’s prone to heat. This causes the tint to eventually bubble and distort when constantly exposed to the sun’s rays over time.
  • Leaving a small gap at the edge of the window upon installation. This can allow air to enter the spaces in between the film and the window, causing bubbles to form on the surface of the window.
  • Using several pieces of window tint to speed up the installation process. Multiple films placed on a window can give it an uneven look that’s full of creases and bubbles if not done correctly. It’s better to get a singular window film to give your windows a more uniform look.

3M commercial grade film offers high quality that other brands can’t compete with. Cheap films can’t compare to the protection that 3M provides, ensuring that your window tint won’t fade, discolor, or bubble over time. In addition, it also features superior UV and solar protection that you’d come to expect from a professional brand.

3M Automotive Window Tinting

Homes and offices aren’t the only things that can benefit from the 3M brand of window tint film. Cars and other vehicles make use of this superior window tinting to provide increased comfort for both the driver and passengers. 3M window tinting comes in several variants.

3M Crystalline Automotive Window Tint Films

This line of window tint features cutting edge optical film technology that combines over 200 layers into a single film. Despite its clear tint, it can reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat compared to other darker tint product. If you’re looking to keep the same natural look that your car currently has but with vastly superior heat protection, then this is the window film for you.

3M Crystalline Tint can also block up to 60% of the heat that comes through your windows. The tint is made from spectrally selective materials that still allows 70% of light into the vehicle while keeping the inside environment cool and comfortable. Its non-metallic nature also ensures that it won’t cause any interference with GPS or mobile phone signals.

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3M Color Stable Automotive Window Tint Films

The 3M Color Stable Tint can make the colors of your car stand out due to the company’s proprietary nano-carbon polyester. Conventional dyed tints tend to turn purple over time, but the 3M Color Stable Tint retains amazing color stability while providing high heat rejection without the use of metallized film. Because of this, devices that rely on GPS and cell signals are not compromised.

The inherently darker shade of this tint is specially designed to reject solar heat, allowing it to block up to 57% of any heat coming through the windows. In addition, it also provides superior glare protection since it only allows up to 35% of light into your car.

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3M FX ST Automotive Window Tint Films

If you’re looking for a no frills automotive window tint that can get the job done, then the 3M FX ST Film is your go-to choice. This window film comes with a 3 year warranty and is a good choice for vehicle owners who are looking to watch their budget. Despite the low cost of the product, the 3M FX ST provides excellent heat rejection from the sun. It can reject up to 45% of any heat that enters the car’s windows. It also features good glare protection, allowing only 5% to 35% of light into the car.

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Window Tinting Services

Windshield Window Tinting

Window tinting your windshield is one of the most important add-ons that you can apply to your car, truck or SUV. Front window tint protects you from glare and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It also prevents excess light from filling your vehicle’s interior and keeps you cool even on warm summer days. Tinting also adds aesthetic value to your car. Tinted windows will complement any vehicle’s body color. It also gives you greater privacy by keeping you invisible from other drivers on the road while everything stays perfectly visible to you from inside the car. At Rodz Tint Touch, we apply front window tint films with precision and we help you choose the kind of tint that will best suit your preferences. Contact us today and book your tinting service.

Rear Window Tinting

Cars sometimes come with rear windows tinted from the factory assembly line. However, many people would rather use their own tint and have a new film installed altogether. Rodz Tint Touch can do this for you with care, precision and expert advice on what type of tint will work best on your vehicle.

Tint doesn’t just reduce the amount of light in your vehicle, it also makes the vehicle look better in the process. What’s more, quality tints reduce the intensity of harmful UV rays that penetrate your windows, sparing you from glare, sunburns and unnecessary heat.

Front Window Tinting

Want to reduce glare and harmful solar radiation from the windows of your vehicle’s driver and passenger seats? Come to Rodz Tint Touch and get front window tints from 3M installed on your vehicle. Our tinting services are unparalleled in the area in terms of precision, care and value for money. We’ll help you choose the type of tint that makes the best functional and aesthetic sense and we’ll make sure that it’s applied on your windows perfectly afterwards.

Front window tinting also enhances your safety and security by keeping you out of sight to other drivers on the road. You and your passengers will enjoy greater privacy without the worry of prying eyes from other motorists checking out what you’re doing in the vehicle.

Fog & Running Lamp Smoking & Tinting

Car customization enthusiasts will be happy to know that Rodz Tint Touch offers smoking and tinting services for fog and running lights. While they’re not the most common additions to a vehicle, these enhancements will help you achieve the exact look that you’ve always wanted on your vehicle.

This type of customization is usually seen in vehicles used for off-roading and auto shows. However, you can add it to your car, truck or SUV to make your vehicle’s styling more unique. Our team of experts has years of experience under its belt, so you can be sure that we know exactly where to apply the tint and smoke and just how to do it. Book an appointment with us today and find out more about this service.

Tail Light Tinting & Smoking

You may not be aware of it, but tail lights can be tinted and smoked for enhanced styling and customization. This type of application is ideal for off-road vehicles and show cars, though some private vehicle owners like having it on their commute cars as well.

At Rodz Tint Touch, our highly skilled team of experts can apply tinting and smoking to your tail lights with precision and aesthetics in mind. Your tail lights will come out of our shop looking like they were factory-smoked, giving them a unique and authentic appeal.

What is Window Tinting

Automotive tints are generally polyester-based thanks to this material’s unique combination of properties. It has relatively high tensile strength, resistance to shrinkage and good shape retention. It’s also clear as glass in its plain form, allowing for a wide array of dyes to be compatible with it. Originally, vehicle tints were metallic in nature. While they served their intended use, these tints were prone to discoloration and fading over time. These days, a new generation of tint has grown in popularity. Ceramic tints are just as durable and aesthetically pleasing, yet it retains its dyed look and protection far longer than its metallic counterpart even in environments with rough climates.

Automotive window tints may be considered an add-on for most vehicles due to the fact that new vehicles don’t roll off the assembly lines with tints applied. However, they’re virtually a must for most vehicle owners because of the protective, aesthetic and security benefits that they bring to the table. Tints not just protect drivers and passengers from the sun’s glare, it also reduces light penetration and heat in a vehicle’s interior while keeping the people in the vehicle concealed from people outside it.

Choosing Your Window Tint

Your choice of window tint shouldn’t be a complicated ordeal. Ultimately, this comes down to how dark you want the tint to be and which brand of window tint you want to use.

The darkness of a tint application is measured with its VLT. The lower the figure, the darker the tint. A VLT rating of 5% is very dark and is often used in stretch limousines. Factory tints, on the other hand, are pretty light and are usually rated at 75%.

Light and dark tints have their trade-offs. Light tints grant you greater road visibility even at night, but they let a lot of light in – including harmful UV rays. The people inside the vehicle can also be seen easily by people outside it, taking away a good amount of privacy. Lastly, light tints allow more sunlight in and make your car warmer on sunny days, which may not be a good thing if you live in Southern California, Arizona, or Florida.

Darker tints, on the other hand, are very stylish and they work great at reducing glare and heat. However, this can be a safety hazard as it’s going to reduce visibility at night time. At Rodz Tint Touch, we recommend medium VLT tints that give clients ample protection and privacy while still keeping the visibility at high levels. 3M’s magic tint series is particularly popular in this regard thanks to the fact that it looks dark when viewed from the exterior, yet provides the driver with good visibility from the interior.

Window Tinting Benefits

Window tinting offers several key benefits when done correctly by qualified professionals. Here are six of the biggest reasons why people go to Rodz Tint touch for window tinting services:

Glare Reduction

Glare is bad for your vision and it can be a safety hazard when it impairs your eyesight long enough to cause an accident. Tinting reduces glare to a minimum, helping you withstand intense flashes while helping you maintain good visual health.

Heat Management

If you live in an area that’s pretty warm, you’ll know that tint on your vehicle’s windows is indispensible. Tint doesn’t just reduce the amount of light that penetrates your car, truck or SUV – it also lessens the heat that makes it to your vehicle’s interior. This helps you stay cool and comfortable inside, eliminating the need to have your car’s AC system on full blast all the time.


A good tint should be able to shield people inside your vehicle from prying eyes in the streets. In areas with high crime rates, this is particularly important especially when you have women and children in your vehicle.


A properly tinted car will look better than ever. Darker tints are usually great, though you have to keep in mind that a balance between tint darkness and visibility needs to be struck. A good tint job should complement any body paint color or customization that you’ve applied to your vehicle.


The risk of theft in your car can be significantly reduced by a good tint. Tint obscures visibility from the outside, preventing would-be felons from seeing items of interest such as smartphones, laptops, jewelry and other valuables. Even if a thief tries to steal from your vehicle by breaking the window, the layer of tint acts as another resilient layer that will keep the window together longer than it would without the tint. The seconds and minutes of delay that your tint buys you can spell the difference between the thieves succeeding or getting discouraged enough to walk away.


In the unlikely event of a vehicular collision, tint can help spare the people inside a car from injuries that can be inflicted by shards of glass. Thanks to the fact that tint film is less brittle than your windows, it will stay in place even as the glass breaks or shatters. This makes it a nice layer of defense, sparing the driver and his passengers from lacerations that the sharp degree might otherwise have caused.

Window Tinting FAQs

How Long Does It Take to Get a Car Tinted?

Typically, it takes 2-3 hours depending on the number of windows to be covered and whether old tint needs to be stripped off or not. If we have to remove old tint from all your windows, that might require an additional hour or two of work.

How Do I Clean My Tinted Windows?

It would be best to wait a couple of days after the tint was applied to clean your windows. You can clean the exterior of the windows as you normally would since the tint film is installed on the side of the glass that’s within your car. When cleaning the interior, you can use Windex Green, soap and water or water with some vinegar. Avoid using Windex blue or any other blue cleaning agents because these may have ammonia content that might damage the tint film.

Can I Leave My Car to You While You Tint It?

Absolutely. We know that some of our clients are very busy and that they’d rather come back a few hours later so they can go about their business. Others prefer to stay and watch the tinting process and that’s fine with us, too. We are very transparent with our work and you’re welcome to see how we do things.

Is Tint Applied Inside or Outside My Car?

It’ll be inside the car. The tint film is cut using the outside as the reference for the dimensions, but the rest of the process happens inside. Once applied, we’ll make sure that it fits the vehicle’s windows exactly, making it look like your glass just changed its color.

Can I Get My Windows Tinted During the Cold or Rainy Seasons?

This used to be tough to do, but thanks to more modern technology in adhesives, it’s completely doable these days. It might take a little longer to get the tint film to settle and stabilize, but it will stick and look just as good as it would if you had it installed in the summer.

Do You Do Tinting House Calls?

Unfortunately, we don’t. However, you can leave your vehicle in our shop while you do something else. Alternatively, you can wait while we tint your car and enjoy our free Wi-Fi, cable TV and magazines.

Will My Car’s Tint Eventually Turn Purple and Bubble Up?

Not if you use quality tints such as those from 3M. Bubbles and discoloration are direct results of heavy exposure to the sun. Heat causes the tint’s adhesive to fail and expand, producing unsightly bubbles all over your windows. Ultraviolet radiation, on the other hand, inflicts damage that eventually leads to the tint’s discoloration.

Quality tints are very good at resisting UV rays and heat. To prevent this from happening, ask your tinting service provider to use only materials from well-respected brands.

How Careful Should I am with My Tint?

The layer of tint in your car is scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about kids or pets leaving permanent marks on it with their bare hands or paws respectively. However, scratch resistance is not the same as scratch-proofing. That means that the tint can still be damaged if pointed or hard-edged objects make contact with its surface with enough force. To keep your tint scratch-free, be very careful when carrying hard, sharp or pointed objects in and out of your car. Warranty does not cover tint damage caused by accidents. However, it’s relatively inexpensive to have the job re-done here at Rodz.

Why are There Streaks on My Window Tint?

These are caused by your car’s weather stripping and is not a defect in the film of tint that’s been applied. Most car manufacturers have this on car windows to trap small particles like dust and pollen when you roll your windows up and down. This just becomes more visible after tint is applied and is not a sign of damage or flawed work.

Why is My Tint Chipping?

The tint is a solid film surface and as such, shock from hard objects may damage it if there’s enough force involved. Chipping is common when the hard edges of metal objects, wood, or even boxes hit your windows while you carry them in and out of your vehicle. In some cases, suddenly unbuckling your seatbelts will cause the metal buckle to sling towards the window, resulting in some noticeable chipping.

What are the Black Dots on the Top Edge of My Windows?

These are Teflon dots that the manufacturer applied in the factory. Though it’s not something you’ll see in every vehicle model, some cars, trucks and SUVs have them. These are not byproducts of a tinting job but they’re often not a problem either.

As long as the dots aren’t too large and upraised, they won’t impede the application of tint. However, in the rare cases that the dots are that way, they can make the adhesion of a tint film on your windows very difficult.

Why is My Newly-Tinted Window Hazy?

The cloudy matter that you see is residue water from the tinting process that hasn’t dried up yet. This is completely normal and very temporary. As the adhesive of the tint completely dries up, the haziness will start to go away. This can take a couple of days up to a month depending on the weather that your vehicle is constantly exposed to. In places with warmer weather, the cloudy matter will evaporate through the porous film within a couple of days. In rainy areas, it may take as long as several weeks.

How Long Do My Windows Need to Stay Rolled Up After Tinting?

Please allow three to four days to ensure that the tint’s adhesive has fully dried and is clinging strongly to your windows. Rolling them down before that runs the risk of your tint peeling off. Keep in mind that this damage to your tint is not covered by warranty but it can be redone at a small price.